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Art Therapist Position in South Bay

  • 07/02/2022 10:30 AM
    Message # 12836231
    Kayla Ormandy (Administrator)

    Hiring part-time Art Therapist to facilitate art therapy at public high schools in Santa Clara County, CA (San Jose/South Bay area) for the 2022-23 school year. Part time: 3 weekdays per week during school hours.

    The position says we are requiring one year of art therapy experience post graduate school, but would be willing to consider hiring a new graduate if it's the right fit.

    To apply: email cover letter and resume to

    Here is the job posting link on Indeed:

    Position Title: Art Therapist
    Company: East Bay Art Therapy
    Location: San Jose, CA
    Company Website:

    Job Type: W2 Employee. Part Time (10 groups per week) Groups last 20 weeks total (10 fall semester, 10 spring semester)

    Job description Clinical Responsibilities

    • Provide group art therapy services with high school students at public high schools in Santa Clara County.

    • Ensure services and treatment are culturally sensitive/informed in regards to all types of identities, especially those that are marginalized (gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, body size, disability, etc) Must be anti-racist, LGBTQIA+ affirming, and working towards dismantling all systems of oppression including fatphobia.

    • Travel to various high schools around Santa Clara County to provide these groups. (Car and CA Drivers License Required)

    • All groups must involve an art therapy directive.

    • Option to write your own art therapy group curriculum or use/adapt/edit East Bay

      Art Therapy group curriculum. Submit all group curriculum to clinical supervisor before 10 week group series begin. Submit edits as they come up.

    • Complete group progress notes for each group facilitated.

    • Maintain positive and collaborative relationships with on-site Social Workers and

      staff at each high school.

    • Submit attendance to on site social worker after each group completed.

    • Report any clinical concerns to on site social workers at each school, via email (if

      non-emergency) or in-person immediately after group (if emergency)

    • Work within the limits of their qualifications, education, and skills

    • Value, support and respect the rights of others

    • Be punctual and maintain a professional attitude toward their tasks

    • Immediately notify the supervisor (and on site social workers) if unable to work

      due to health or other reasons

    • Maintain confidentiality and privacy with regards to organizational, client, and other information of a confidential nature. Adhere to HIPAA standards.

    • Represent East Bay Art Therapy accurately and positively at all times.

    • Ensure timely documentation of groups through progress notes and timely return

      phone calls and emails from on-site social workers and East Bay Art Therapy


    • Adhere to all standards of practice outlined by the ATCB (Art Therapy Credentials


    Organizational Responsibilities

    • Complete and pass a criminal reference check and a vulnerable sector search, if required

    • Complete and return all East Bay Art Therapy registration documents as indicated on the orientation checklist

    • Read, sign, and honor East Bay Art Therapy’s confidentiality and conflict of interest agreements

    • Meet monthly with clinical supervisor and clinical team for consultation. (If you have your ATR-Provisional, you will meet weekly with clinical supervisor)

    • Read and adhere to all East Bay Art Therapy policies and procedures

    • Address areas of conflict or concern in accordance with East Bay Art Therapy’s policies

    • Complete all documentation of their work according to East Bay Art Therapy standards

    • Maintain accurate record of work hours and tasks completed, in progress, and assigned

    • Carry out assigned tasks responsibly. Request support when needed

    • Participate in evaluations when asked by their supervisor

    • Attend any designated training or orientation assigned by their supervisor

    • Report any health and safety concerns to their supervisor

    • Provide appropriate and adequate advance notice of intention to leave the

      organization (must complete a 10 week group session to it’s finish).

    Minimum Required Qualifications

    • Have current ATR-P, ATR, or ATR-BC and Masters Degree in Art Therapy

    • Minimum 1 year post graduate clinical experience providing art therapy services.

    • Ability to provide compassionate, empathic, and ethical service

    • Good standing with the ATCB and malpractice insurance entities.

    • Self-purchased malpractice insurance

    • Ability to be creative and innovative in clinical role

    • Be able to work independently after basic training

    • Excellent time management skills

    • Have access to computer or tablet for word processing and email.

    • Confidence, experience and passion for working with adolescents.

    • Confidence, experience and passion for running groups.

    • Confidence, experience, and passion for using art therapy interventions.

    • Fully vaccinated against Covid-19

    • Must have a reliable vehicle and CA Driver’s License

    • Preferred: Member of a marginalized community/identity and/or lived experienced that informs clinical work.


    $50-80 per hour for all clinical hours
    $20 per hour for all admin hours (Maximum 1 admin hour per 5 clinical hours)

    Benefits / What's Provided:

    1 hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked

PO Box 460687
San Francisco, CA  94146-0661 USA


+1 (650) 489-2258

call or text 
or email us at

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