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Christine Phang

Since January 2021, Christine has also been a volunteer with Skyview Zoom (previously Skyview Day Club), a program run by the Jewish Family and Children Services for adults with memory impairment. During her sessions, Christine introduces the Skyview members to different artists and collaborates with them to create fun and meaningful artwork.

In December 2021, Christine published her master’s thesis titled, “Individual versus Sequential: The Potential of Comic Creation in Art Therapy”. With the encouragement of her professor, Dr. Erin Partridge, Christine presented the results of her thesis at the 2022 Graphic Medicine Conference in Chicago. In this mixed methods study, she worked with 15 participants to compare the effectiveness of the single image and comic formats in processing a past problem. Her findings supported her hypothesis that the comic format was as, if not more, effective than the single image format in doing this. Her research also demonstrated how the comic format results in unique characteristics as compared to the single image format. Christine hopes to continue exploring and encouraging the use of comic creation in therapeutic settings through her practice and research.

Christine also continues to maintain her own creative practice as an artist, writer and illustrator. She was featured in Blurb’s 2019 Children’s Author and Illustrator Week for her self-published children’s book, “Snowdrop” (2018). Another of her books, “Little Mouse’s Search” (2019) won the Carnegie Mellon University’s Award for Artistic Excellence. More of Christine’s work can be seen on her website or on her Instagram profile She can be contacted at

Christine Phang, (she/her)

MA Marriage and Family Therapy. Art Therapy. 

Christine Phang is a third year graduate student at Dominican University of California’s Art Therapy Department. She is currently completing her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy with a focus in Art Therapy and is anticipated to graduate in December 2022.

When Christine was growing up, art was a natural and powerful way for her to navigate her internal world. At 15, she found out about art therapy and it felt like a perfect fit. Since then, she has been working towards becoming an art therapist and supporting others in expressing their thoughts and feelings. Christine strongly believes that each person has a unique story to tell, and hopes to be a facilitator of this process through her work as an art therapist.

Christine is currently a Practicum Trainee at Petaluma People Services Center’s (PPSC) Community Mental Health Clinic. At PPSC, she helps provide therapy services, including art therapy, to the Petaluma community. The clients she works with include children, adults and families. In her work, Christine aims to make space for her clients to be seen and understood. In doing so, she tries to live out one of her core values of compassion.


Personal work

  • Flight (digital illustration, 2020)
  • Jia Ba Buay? (woodblock print, 2016)
  • Snowdrop (self-published book, watercolor, 2018)
  • Still Growing (acrylic paint on canvas, 2022)
  • The Journey (digital illustration, 2020)


  • Skyview Group Mural inspired by Fio Silva (2021)
  • Skyview Nature Art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy (2021)

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