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Bruce Moon

Train Leavin' Town is a new song, first performed at the Island Tap, Libertyville, IL.  It also features new paintings. 

Dyin' Slow

Temptation Will Demand.  
A song for all those who have been tempted at one point or another.  They know all too well that there is a price temptation will demand.

Bruce L. Moon, Ph.D., ATR-BC, HLM is Professor Emeritus of art therapy at Mount Mary University.  Now retired, Dr. Moon is the past chair of the department and director of the graduate art therapy program, and co-founder of the doctor of art therapy program.  He is the author of Existential Art Therapy: The Canvas Mirror; Essentials of Art Therapy Education and Practice;  Art and Soul: Reflections on an Artistic Psychology; Introduction to Art Therapy: Faith in the Product;  The Dynamics of Art as Therapy with Adolescents, Working with Images: The Art of Art Therapists;  Word Pictures: The Poetry and Art of Art Therapy;  Ethical Issues in Art Therapy; The Role of Metaphor in Art Therapy; Art-Based Group Therapy: Theory and Practice; and with Dr. Chris Belkofer, Artist, Therapist and Teacher: Selected Papers was published last spring. He has presented papers, workshops, and performance art events throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia.
Dr. Moon is an active painter, singer-songwriter, film maker and performance artist.  He has recorded a number of music CDs and performs regularly at small concert venues.
Dr. Moon was the 2007 recipient of the Honorary Life Member Award (HLM) of the American Art Therapy Association and the 2009 recipient of the Buckeye Art Therapy Association HLM. These are the highest honors granted by the AATA and BATA, and the only awards that are voted on by the entire professional memberships. 

NorCATA's feature: ​"Art Therapists Making Things Happen", was  envisioned by Robin Valicenti, and is currently curated by Abby Zimberg. Bruce Moon was profiled in Fall of 2018. 

 Please contact Abby if you know of a Northern Californian Art Therapist whose art and projects deserve mention in this space.

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